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Edict for the creation of royal justice in Montréal, March 1693.


March 1693

Edict for the creation of Royal justice on the Island of Montreal.

Louis by the grace of God, King of france and of navarre, to all those present and those to come, Greetings, the French colony established on the island of Montreal in nouvelle france having much grown due to the Care that we have given for the propagation of faith and the benefit of Trade in this type of settlement, as well as to the Spiritual and temporal Aid provided by the Ecclesiastics of the Seminary of St Sulpice in our good City of paris to the French inhabitants and to the Savages, for the approximately 50 years that their zeal for religion has inspired them to spend there, which urged the proprie.torsof the said island to transfer to them the entire Seig.rie along with all entitlements so that they would be better able to continue their [illegible word] in the [conversion?] of the Savages and in


instructing the French, for which we granted them [amortisation?] license in the month of May 1677. We have deemed it appropriate to establish royal justice in the colony, as we have done in other Colonies, and which the said Ecclesiastics leave up [to?] us, asking us [Only?] to provide them with an indemnity [to be received?] for the exercise of justice that is a considerable Portion of the foundation of their Seminary on the said island, and their mission with the Savages, for which we wish to [illegible word] the means to continue their Spiritual aid that they provide to the inhabitants of both nations. For These reasons we hereby have personally Signed and accepted and authorised the resignation by the said Ecclesiastics


of their duty regarding justice on the said island. As such, We have created a post of king’s Judge whose name [will come from?] our Conseil Souverain of Quebec, a prosecutor, a Clerk, four bailiffs As well as four prosecutors [postulants?] and four king’s Notaries to manage All acts and Contracts for the inhabitants. And to ensure that the Ecclesiastics of the Seminary of St Sulpice Established on the said island are not prejudiced by this Change, and to compensate them with an indemnity for their role in the Exercise of Justice, We have granted them for a first time the Nomination of the king’s judge and to this effect we will have provisions Expedited to Mr Jean bap.te Migeon Sieur de Branssat, lawyer at our parliament in Paris, who was Named by them to Benefit from the said Office of our King’s Judge as are others in Similar [appointed] offices, and to Exercise this office on The Whole of the island with the exception of the Enclave of the said Ecclesiastics Established at Villemarie on the said Island of Montreal And of their


St Gabriel farm for which we have granted them high, medium and Low Court [complete?] as [in?] Our Conseil souverain of Quebec. We have granted them in perpetuity and unchangingly the property of Justice clerk, Newly [Created?] post to be Exercised by Capable individuals who will meet with the King's Judge on behalf of the said Ecclesiastics to whom, As requested, All necessary Letters will be Expedited. And We have excused them Forever from the Duties to be attributed to newly created officers and from responding to misjudgements and issues by parties, and generally costs and trials for the accused, nourishment for the prisoners, nourishment for Abandoned Children and All other duties related to justice. Whence we give and command by our [arms?] and seals to the individuals in Charge of the Conseil Souverain in Quebec and to All other officers concerned the presents to be Registered, and their


Content to be Granted and Used, fully, peacefully and perpetually by the said Ecclesiastics of the Seminary with no Conditions or Obstacles, As is our pleasure and Forever. Given at versailles in the month of March in the year of grace sixteen hundred ninety-three, which is under our Reign the Fiftieth, signed by Louis and by the Roy Phelypeau and next to it visa [Bouchesar?] Sealed with the official Wax Seal of green on Cramoisy silk Ribbon and [illegible word], below which is Read, published and registered at the Registry of the Conseil souverain, the content to be Executed in Its Entire Form by the king’s Receveur général as of this day, at Quebec, at the Conseil, The 5th Day of October 1693, Signed [illegible word] and paraphed, to Then be Read, published and registered at the Registry of the Jurisdiction Royalle of the Island of Montreal. The audience held by myself, the Undersigned Bailiff on the 17th November 1693. Signed Adhemar with paraph.

Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11G, vol. 8, fo. 17-19, Inconnu/Unknown, Edict creating the royal justice of Montréal, mars 1693.

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