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Letter by Élisabeth Rocbert de la Morandière, dite Madame Bégon, on the subject of her slaves, 25 December 1748.

[...]our poor Pierre [slave] is once again in the hospital, where he goes every 3 months, always hoping that it is for the last time; he is little more than skin and bones. Jupitere [slave] is in similar shape and your horse is so-so. That is what I have to say, dear son, of the 3 useless pieces of furniture that you left us and that we love, having belonged to you. I know of nothing else to say, adieu.[...]

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Québec, Journal de Madame Bégon, P2, Rocbert de la Morandière, Elisabeth (Madame Bégon), Letter regarding her slaves, December 25, 1748.

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