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Letter by Élisabeth Rocbert de la Morandière, dite Madame Bégon, on the subject of some Montréal women, 8 January 1749.

The 8.

Today we saw, dear son, madame Bouatt, whom I informed you has been [residing] since the feast of St martin at the hospital of the charon brothers along with madame youvil; it is a comedy to see her; she does little more than preach and speak of the pleasure of living away from people; she assured us of the conversion of four ladies locked up at the géricau [Jéricho, gaol for prostitutes]; she visits them from time to time; I believe that I mentioned them to you; they are madame guiniolete [Gouriou dit Guignolet] and her daughter, madame sanspoille and one from the city of quebec whose name I do not know; all that madame Bouat fears is that the soldiers might feel inclined to release these ladies from captivity, but I do not feel that their intention was to do wrong.[...]

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Québec, Journal de Madame Bégon, P2, P57, Rocbert de la Morandière, Elisabeth (Madame Bégon), Letter regarding certain Montréal women, January 8, 1749.

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