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Procedure followed for a public cry in Montréal.


[...] I Jean Baptiste DeCoste first bailiff at the seat of the Juridiction royalle of montreal and residing on Rue nostre Dame undersigned,


accompanied by francois Roy dit tintamare drum Major, residing In This said city, made my way To the place in this said city where the market is held, to the domicile of the said [...] accused [...] and to the door And principal Entry of the Auditorium of the said Jurisdiction at which places And Locations, the said tintamare sounded his drum, on three Separate occasions, [and] I in a loud and Intelligible voice And public cry, read [one] word after [the] next of the said aforementioned decree, Announcing And Declaring to the said [...] accused, fugitive, [in] addressing him through the people assembled about us, that I subpoena him by the said Cry; I in fact put forward to him by The present, a summons to Be And Appear In person in a week’s time, Before My said sieur Lieutenant General Civil Et Criminel at the seat of the said Jurisdiction, to Be at the Ready, At the royal gaol of This city, And Respond to the said decree; declaring to Him that should he fail to Appear charges will be brought Against him, and his trial will be opened And closed, By Default And In Absentia Following The Severity of the Ordinance; And in order for this to Be better noted I have affixed And posted the same at the Formal and main entry door of the Auditorium of This Jurisdiction, And drafted the present so as to fulfil What is required, In the presence of And assisted by the said tintamare who declared to not Know how to write or Sign, as requested on the aforementioned Day And year.

[signed] Decoste

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procès criminel contre Bastien dit Canadien, 18 septembre 1733, TL4 S1, 4076, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Procedure followed for a public cry , October 5, 1733.

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