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Fourth interrogation of Angélique, audience of 5 PM, 14 May 1734.


The year Seventeen Hundred thirty-four The fourteen of May at Five o'clock in the afternonn, We, Pierre Raimbault, King's counsellor, Lieutenant General Civil Et Criminel at the seat of The Jurisdiction Royale de Montreal, having Made our way with Our Clerk to the Chamber of the Gaol of This city, was brought before us, by the Gaol keeper, the woman named Marie Joseph, Negress of the said lady francheville, prisoner, who was asked to take the oath to tell the truth And proceeded with her Interrogation as does follow.

Interrogated her as to her Name, Nickname, age, status and Residence.

Stated to be named Marie Joseph And angelique Negress Slave of the deceased Sieur de francheville, aged twenty-nine years, residing at the Time of the fire In the house of the said widow francheville.

Interrogated if on the night of the Day that she was placed In prison The man Named thibault did Not take Supper to her And


What he said to her prior to Removing his own Clothes from the hands of the Gaoler where he had left them.

Stated that he had not brought her supper And he had not spoken to her; that she saw nothing of him other than on the morning of the day that she Was apprehended, that he appeared in the Yard of the hospital But did Not speak to her.

Interrogated as to Where She Was when She spoke to the man named Latreille slightly prior to the fire being noticed at the house of lady francheville.

Stated that she Was at the door of the said house And that the said Latreille Was at the entrance of the Yard of the said hospital.

Interrogated if It is not true that When she went up the Stairs of the said house while the said demoiselle de Couagne And Charlotte desrivières were Playing in the Yard after supper.

Stated that she did not go up The Staircase


and that the said girls were not at Play in the Yard but, on the Contrary, In the Street.

Interrogated to tell us The name of the sentry who Stood at the door of the hotel Dieu Courtyard or Garden during The night when thibault Entered there.

Stated that she Heard the said sentry called by the name of La Riviere, that it was the man named La Ruine gardener at the hospital, one of Them who had wished to Bed down with her As she Previously stated to us, Who called him La Riviere When she Enquired of him if They knew of each other When the Said sentry Asked of the said Thibault who he was And said to the said thibault, who Stated that he was cold, to Go to warm himself at the Sentry Station.

Upon a Reading to her of the above Interrogation, Stated that the Responses were Truthful and persisted on this And Declared to not Know how to Sign


As she was asked.

[signed] P. Raimbault

[signed] C.Porlier

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procedure Criminel contre Marie Joseph Angélique negresse - Incendiere, 1734, TL4 S1, 4136, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Fourth interrogation of Angélique, May 14, 1734, 1-4.

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