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Deposition of Marguerite de Couagne, 3rd witness, audience of 2 in the afternoon, 14 April 1734.


Appeared Marguerite de Couagne aged ten years, daughter of Sieur de Couagne Captain And King's Engineer at isle Roÿal currently residing at the boarding school of the Daughters of the Congregation Notre Dame In This city, Who after taking the Oath to tell the truth, told us she Was the Niece of Dame francheville [...]

Deposed [...] That she


does Not Know at all who Set fire to the House of her said aunt; that shortly before the fire Appeared, She saw the said Negress Pouting in the Kitchen And saw her go out the door to the Street And speak with The panis of Sieur de Berey. And that she has since heard by hearsay that she had told the said Panis that she would not Sleep in the House, Nor Her Master. Which Is all that she said she Knows, Except that she saw two or three times, before The fire, The man named thibaul with The said Negress in the Kitchen of the said Dame francheville. [...]

[signed] m.decouagne

[signed] P. Raimbault

[signed] C. Porlier


Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procedure Criminel contre Marie Joseph Angélique negresse - Incendiere, 1734, TL4 S1, 4136, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Deposition of Marguerite de Couagne, April 14, 1734, 6-7.

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