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First interrogation of Angélique, afternoon audience, 12 April 1734.


The year Seventeen Hundred thirty-four, The twelve of April in the afternoon, We, Pierre Raimbault, King's counsellor, Lieutenant General Civil Et Criminel at the Seat of the Jurisdiction Royalle of Montreal, Having made Our way to the Chamber of the Royal gaols of This city, had brought Before Us, the Negress of dame francheville, named Angélique, prisoner therein By virtue of Our ordinance Of the Day of yesterday at the Request of the King's prosecutor, who after taking the Oath to tell the truth Was Interrogated by Us as does follow.

Interrogated as to her Name, surname, age, status and Residence.

Stated to be named Marie Joseph, aged twenty-nine years, born in portugal


And to have been sold to a Flemish man who sold Her to the deceased Sieur de francheville, about nine years ago, where she has remained ever since.

Interrogated as to Whether It is She who fled from the Home of the said Sieur de francheville last Year and Headed toward New england with the man named Thibault.

Stated that it has been no more than six weeks since she left with The said thibault whose name is Claude called de Butenne, and they made it only as far as thirty leagues from here on Their Way to new England And from there To Her country of Portugal across from Madeira.

Interrogated to Tell Us Whether or not She menaced to have the widow of the said deceased de francheville Burn If She did not Let her



Said no.

Interrogated as to Whether on the Day of the Fire She did not tell the Panis of Sieur de Berey that She And Her Mistress Would not Sleep in Their Homes.

Said no, That she would have had to have been possessed by the Devil if she had done so.

Interrogated as to Whether She did not tell someone who Reproached Her as Being The Cause of such loss, And of the present Fire, that Something Else Would happen, and to beware that The Rest of the city would Burn.

Said No and that on the Contrary she told the Said dame widow francheville


who was Reproaching Her, As If it was She who Had set fire to Her house, "Madame, although I may be Miserable, I Am not Wretched enough to do an act Like That."

Interrogated as to why, When the fire Began to Appear on the roof of the house of the said widow francheville, She prevented a Young daughter of sieur desrivieres from Crying out and warning of the said fire, pulling her by her pinafore when she wanted to go tell the said widow francheville.

Stated that the said little girl and demoiselle de Couagne Were Playing and that she wanted to prevent them


From Running in The Mud and to make them Sit down on the doorstep.

Interrogated as to Whether before The fire appeared on the roof of the house of the said deceased Sieur de francheville She had not brought Food and Drink to the pigeons who.

Said that she did not go there Alone that dame widow francheville Was there with her after the seven thirty mass.

Interrogated as to whether or not she went up to the Attic where the pigeons Were in The Afternoon.

Said that she did not go up there at all.

Interrogated as to Whether on the night of The fire she had a green Blanket in Her Possession.


Said yes.

A Reading to Her done of the present Interrogation, she Stated that her Responses Contain truth and persisted on it And Declared to not Know how to Sign as Requested.

[signed] P. Raimbault

[signed] C.Porlier

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procedure Criminel contre Marie Joseph Angélique negresse - Incendiere, 1734, TL4 S1, 4136, Juridiction royale de Montréal, First interrogation of Angélique, April 12, 1734, 1-7.

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