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Petition by the King's prosecutor for the arrest of Angélique and of Claude Thibault, 11 April 1734.

Monsieur the Lieutenant General Civil et Criminel of the juridiction Royalle of Montreal, the King's Prosecutor Advises You that according to Public Report, the Fire that occurred in this city on the day of yesterday at around seven in the evening was caused by the Negress, Slave of the widow of Sieur francheville, who had escaped and was headed to New England with the man named Thibault, also committed at the service of the deceased Sieur francheville, and whoWere captured and brought back together at the beginning of this winter. And that the said negress often menaced her mistress, and on the eve [of the] Fire or on the same day she said that her mistress and the city would not sleep in their homes. That she alone went up to the attic where the fire caught, and wanted to prevent the children from crying fire and warning the said widow francheville of the fire when they caught sight of it, which must not go unpunished.

This considered, Monsieur, may it please you to allow the said King's Prosecutor to have this investigated, and meanwhile to have arrested and taken to the Royal gaol of this city the said Negress, as well as the said Thibault, given that according to rife rumour he Was with the said negress last night, so that you Monsieur may proceed with their Interrogation and, once the said Interrogations and information have been communicated to him [the King's Prosecutor], he will determine what is required.

[signed] Foucher

Source: Archives nationales du Québec, Centre de Montréal, Procedure Criminel contre Marie Joseph Angélique negresse - Incendiere, 1734, TL4 S1, 4136, Juridiction royale de Montréal, Request by the King's prosecutor for the arrest of Angélique and of Claude Thibault, April 11, 1734, 1.

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