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Eviction of salt traffickers to Nouvelle-France, 1 May 1731.



Following the account you presented me with in your Letter of the 15 of October on the Subject of salt traffickers sent to Canada last year, and in reply to your request that some Be sent every year, I have selected from among the great number of them that Are in our gaols 60 good men, and I have given the order for them to be taken to la Rochelle and placed On the king’s Vessel Le heros. I am sending you the List of them with their Descriptions. To the 60 Salt traffickers have been added 4 counterfeiters sentenced to hard labour and whose punishment has been commuted to


remaining in the Colonies for life, as well as a young family man who Misbehaved and must be reprimanded, so That 65 men will Be remanded into your custody. I am certain that they will do as well as their predecessors; they Are mostly young men or widowers Without Children; their status is indicated next to their name, and you will See to it that they are sent to the inhabitants who need and request them. If among them there are some who wish to join the military ranks voluntarily, the king will encourage M. de Beauharnois to have Them enlisted, but note that they can never return to france.


As it will be no problem to send a number of them yearly, I would ask that you indicate to me the number required, so that I may act according to your request. There are usually many who have a wife and Children; indicate to me If it is convenient to send any of them with their families.

I remain most certainly

at Versailles the first of May

Your most humble and most
obedient Servitor

Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 56, fol. 71-72, Ministre de la Marine, Letter to Charles de Beauharnois and Gilles Hocquart with regards to sending salt smugglers to Canada, May 1, 1731.

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