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Letter by the authorities on the issue of the situation of dame Ramezay and of her daughters since the fire, 18 October 1734.



You have been Informed of the Fire that occurred in Montreal On April 10 last, and of the losses it incurred to various individuals; Madame de Ramezay was of this number and has all the more to complain about as the means of this Dame prior to the fire, barely sufficed


for the subsistence of her family; She finds herself today reduced to an unfortunate State having generally lost all of her furnishings and clothes for her use and for that of three grown Demoiselles who live with Her. The misery of Madame de Ramezay in such a situation causes her concern for all that the young ladies will have to suffer, if God takes Her, in order to subsist having only the pension granted her by His Majesty and the house in Montreal that she rents from the King and Which


is shared among five children. Her account of her present miseries and the unfortunate State of future affairs for Her Demoiselles, have Committed us to not refuse her request to us to have you beg of His majesty that the pension She benefits from be reverted to her three daughters following her death, and [to have you] request such a gratification as it would please His Majesty to grant her so that she may recover from her just incurred losses; We dare indicate, Monseigneur, that the needs of this Dame are of a nature


to merit the honour of your protection, and the extended service of the late M. de Ramezay gives her hope regarding the Attention that you will be willing to give to her request.

We are most respectfully,


At Quebec on this 18th
October 1734.

Your most humble and
obedient servitors



Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 61, fol. 211-212v, Beauharnois de La Boische, Charles et Gilles Hocquart, Letter regarding the Ramezay family, October 18, 1734.

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