small flourish

Fire display to celebrate peace, 1749.


Today marked the proclamation of the peace pact concluded between France and England. Soldiers assembled together in arms; the canons on the ramparts were loaded and soldiers fired salutes; a celebratory fire was lit and, in the evening, all windows in the city were adorned with lit candles; all the streets were filled with crowds of people roaming late into the night. During the evening,


the governor called for me so that I might partake of supper with him and share in the joy of the people of this country. Numerous officers were invited as well; we sat and drank, until the early hours of the morning.

Source: Kaml, Pehr, "Travels of Pehr Kalm in Canada in 1749" (Montréal: Pierre Tisseyre, 1977), p. 189-190. Notes: Annotated translation of the travel diary by Jacques Rousseau and Guy Béthune with the collaboration of Pierre Morisset

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