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Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne
Research Co-director for Torture and the Truth: Angélique and the Burning of Montréal

Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne

In 2004, Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne published Le Procès de Marie-Josèphe-Angélique (Libre Expression, ISBN 2-7648-0156-4), which formed the basis for the mystery Torture and the Truth: Angélique and the Burning of Montréal. For the past several years, she has worked as Reference Archivist in the Direction des services aux usagers et aux partenaires at Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec-Vieux-Montréal (BAnQ).

In her capacity as historian, Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne has worked on the award-winning CBC broadcast Canada, A Popular History, and on numerous publications, namely, the life and times of the French fur traders; the Great Peace Treaty of 1701; the French attack against Deerfield, Massachusetts, in 1704; the Canadian Rebellions of 1837-1838; the history of landowners in Montréal; and, the history of Montréal through sound archives. More recently, she worked on the American/Canadian series, Who do you think you are? and its Quebec version, Qui êtes-vous?

In her spare time, Denyse is trying to solve a triple murder that occurred in 1893. Several inquiries took place and none have led to the arrest of the murderer(s). Who knows, perhaps another great unsolved mystery in Canadian history...?


Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne, Reference Archivist, BAnQ Vieux-Montréal
Website: www.banq.qc.ca
Email: denyse.bchampagne@banq.qc.ca


Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne, Family Historian, Professional Heir Finder
Personal website: https://www.histoquest.ca
Personal email: dbc@histoquest.ca