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Core Team Members

Many people from a variety of fields have contributed to The Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History (GUMICH) project, which is based in the History Department at the University of Victoria.


John Lutz John Lutz Co-director
Ruth Sandwell Ruth Sandwell Co-director
Peter Gossage Peter Gossage Co-director
Merna Forster Merna Forster Executive Director
Annmarie Adams Annmarie Adams Research Director
Carolyne Blanchard Carolyne Blanchard Research Director
Caroline-Isabelle Caron Caroline-Isabelle Caron Research Director
Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne Research Director
Ken Coates Ken Coates Research Director
Lyle Dick Lyle Dick Research Director
Larry Hannant Larry Hannant Research Director
Gregory Klages Gregory Klages Research Director
William R. Morrison William R. Morrison Research Director
Jennifer Pettit Jennifer Pettit Research Director
Léon Robichaud Léon Robichaud Research Director
Lise A. Robichaud Lise A. Robichaud Research Director
Kori Street Kori Street Research Director
David Theodore David Theordore Research Director
Birgitta Wallace Birgitta Wallace Research Director


Stewart Arneil Stewart Arneil Technical Advisor
Roland Case Roland Case Senior Editor, Teaching Materials
Françoise McNeil Françoise McNeil Translation Coordinator
Patrick Szpak Patrick Pszpak Website Developer
Edward Gomboc Edward Gomboc Graphic Designer