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Phase 5 Staff and Contributors


  • Dr. John Lutz
    Dr. John Lutz
  • Dr. Ruth Sandwell
    Dr. Ruth Sandwell
  • Dr. Peter Gossage
    Dr. Peter Gossage

Executive Director

  • Merna Forster
    Merna Forster

Research Directors

Death of a Diplomat: Herbert Norman & The Cold War

  • Dr. Larry Hannant
    Dr. Larry Hannant

The Redpath Mansion Mystery

  • Dr. Annmarie Adams
    Dr. Annmarie Adams
  • David Theodore
    David Theodore

Death on a Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy

  • Gregory Klages
    Gregory Klages

Translation Co-ordinator & Translator English to French

  • Françoise McNeil
    Françoise McNeil

Translation Proofreader

  • Marie Gagnon
    Marie Gagnon


  • Edward Gomboc
    Edward Gomboc
    Hot House Marketing


  • Amanuel Moges
    Amanuel Moges

Website Developers

  • Sunpreet Jassal
    Sunpreet Jassal
  • Dennis Lee
    Dennis Lee

Editing and Database Administration

  • Naomi Eichenlaub
    Naomi Eichenlaub
  • Carolyne Blanchard

Teaching Materials

  • Dr. Ruth Sandwell
    Dr. Ruth Sandwell
  • Dr. Rosland Case
    Dr. Rosland Case
  • Sonya White
    Sonya White

Technical Support and Advisors

  • hcmc
    The Humanities Computing and Media Centre
  • Stewart Arneil
    Stewart Arneil

Advisory Board

  • Sheila Hetherington
    Sheila Hetherington
  • Dr. José E. Igartua
    Dr. José E. Igartua
  • Jennifer Iredale
    Jennifer Iredale
  • Dr. Jocelyn L'tourneau
    Dr. Jocelyn L'tourneau
  • Tom Morton
    Tom Morton
  • Dr. Jim Phillips
    Dr. Jim Phillips
  • Dr. Léon Robichaud
    Dr. Léon Robichaud