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Phase 1: Funding Partners, Staff & Contributors

Funding Partners

The "Who Killed William Robinson?" prototype was funded by a grant from the Province of British Columbia, Innovation Fund, in 1997. Subsequent updating in 2000 and 2005-06 has been supported by the Humanities Media and Computing Centre of the University of Victoria.

Staff & Contributors

Research Directors

Dr. Ruth Sandwell
Dr. John Lutz


Patrick Lane
Keith Smith

Original Web Layout and Design

Konrad Cedro

2000 Revision of Layout and Design

Patrick Szpak with assistance from Cynthia Foo

2005-2006 Revision of Layout and Design

Patrick Szpak

2005-2006 Markup

Naomi Eichenlaub
Patrick Szpak

2005-2006 Editing and Revisions

Lucy Bashford
Heather Gleboff
Glenn Wigmore

2005-2006 Programming

Amanuel Moges

2005-2006 Translation English to French

Geneviève Courchesne
Tania Siglinde Ortiz Diaz
Richard Lefebvre
Anne-Marie Regimbald
Josée Toulouse

Translation Proofing

Marie Gagnon
Patricia Godbout

Technical Support & Advisors

The Humanities Computing and Media Centre of the University of Victoria

Stewart Arneil
Scott Gerrity
Martin Holmes