Province of Ontario, Algonquin Park Lease #1889 (to J. S. Fraser), 1913.

[…] in consideration of and subject to the provisos, conditions and restrictions hereinafter contained, We have demised and leased and by these Presents do demise and lease unto

John Shannon Fraser of the Township of Peck in the District of Nipissing, Post Master and Bush Ranger

[…] certain portion of Broken Lot Nineteen in Concession Twelve of the Township of Peck in the District of Nipissing […] as shown on plan of Survey by Ontario Land Surveyor E. Bazett dated Second August 1913 […]

To have and to hold the said demised premises for and during the term of Twenty-one years to be computed from the Eighteenth September 1913 yielding and paying therefor, in advance, yearly and every year […] the rent or sum of Seven dollars and Fifty cents […]

[…] subject to the following conditions, namely: -

1. No timber on the said parcel or tract of land shall be cut except for neccessary [[trans: error in original]] building or clearing, and then only with the written permission of the Minister of Lands, Forests and Mines […]

3. Where timber is cut all the debris, tops, branches and other refuse matter caused but such cutting shall be cleaned up and removed or destroyed by fire or otherwise.

4. No building or other construction shall be erected and no clearing shall be made without the written permission of the said Minister, and no dwelling house or other structure shall be erected until the plans and descriptions thereof have been approved by the said Minister. […]

5. If any flag is at any time flown or displayed on said parcel or tract of land, it shall be the British flag.

6. The unlawful sale of spirituous or fermented liquors by the Lessee or any person in occupation of the said parcel or tract of land, or any portion thereof, either within or without the limits of said parcel or tract, shall render this lease void and of no effect.


Source: Archives of Ontario, RG 53 'Dept. of the Provincial Secretary, Recording Office', RG 53-11 Vol. 1. Algonquin Provincial Park crown leases. Container D311503 5/53/5/4/3., Ontario. Dept. of the Provincial Secretary, Recording Office, "Algonquin Park Lease #1889 (J. S. Fraser), 1913," September 18, 1913, Folio 18

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