Letter from Gladys Plinsoll to Amy Redpath, 15 June 1901

June 15th

My dear Amy[...]

It has all been so sudden, so crushingly so, it might have been more easily born otherwise. Only on Thursday morning I received a note from Clifford written in his most merry way, full of fun & ending by saying he was coming on Sunday (tomorrow) to pay us a visit, adding that he would soon have a two months holiday “with only mosquitoes to bother us on Sundays!” and last Sunday he was so light hearted & happy and hopeful about his exams and future & was going with us part way on our journey to Muskoka. I had never seen him more happy & gay as he called out “au revoir” from his front door; dear dear Clifford! his long friendship has been a great & happy factor in all our lives which will never be quite the same to any of us again now. I thought the service was so beautiful this A.M., almost worthy! […]

G. Plinsoll

Source: Gladys Plinsoll, Letter from Gladys Plinsoll to Amy Redpath, 15 June 1901, June 15, 1901

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