Letter from Grace Wood Redpath to Amy and Peter Whiteford Redpath, 14 June 1901

The Manor House

June 14 1901

My dear children.

I had just returned from a drive, when your most heartbreaking cable was handed to me. I feel completely stunned, and unable to write, but the earlier mail leaves in the morning — What can I say, I grieve for you, and mourn for myself. God help you for no other help can avail us during such terrible days, that you are passing through — What a tragedy! Mother, and son, both gone, what has happened – The dear Mother has suffered so long, that all must have been prepared, for her loss, that is, if we are ever prepared to part — with our loved ones, – and we feel that our sorrow would have been great but – but I can scarcely write it, and again, & again, have I read your cable, to try, and believe there must be some mistake that Clifford was also taken from you, from us, for that dear boy won my heart, and I think the hearts of all who met him What can I say to be of any comfort to you, my loved ones, you are very dear to me – I feel so helpless being so far from you, I, would be—very near, to help, and console you, if I could – How anxiously I look for particulars, and learn how you all are, dearest Peter, and Amy, were not strong enough for this terrible shock; but how thankful I am the former was at home. Our loving Father knows what is the very best for us, and we bow to His will. This is very hard, when we think about it, but we can trust His great love for us. Agnes is away to a marriage of a school friend a niece of Mrs Pettigrews. I understand your loving thought – in addressing your cable to her she will be very sorry when she hears. A heart overflowing with love & sympathy to each from your devoted aunt – Grace Redpath –

Source: Grace Wood Redpath, Letter from Grace Wood Redpath to Amy and Peter Whiteford Redpath, 14 June 1901, June 14, 1901

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