Young Redpath Insane When He Fired Fatal Shots.

The following verdict was returned by the coroner’s jury in the inquest conducted by Coroner McMahon, into the deaths of Mrs. J. J. Redpath and her son, J. Clifford Redpath, held at the family residence, 1065 Sherbrooke street, yesterday afternoon:--

“That Mrs. Redpath came to her death by gunshot wounds inflicted by her son, J. Clifford Redpath, while in a fit of temporary insanity brought on by an epileptic fit, and while unconscious of what he was doing, and that at the same time he came to his death by a gunshot wound inflicted on himself.”

The evidence of the physicians showed that Mrs. Redpath had been shot in the right shoulder and the back of the head, and that young Redpath had been shot in the forehead over the left eye.

Source: Unknown, "Coroner Holds Inquest," The Gazette, June 15, 1901. Notes: PG, 5

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