Mysterious Shooting.

Montreal, June 14.—A shocking double tragedy happened last evening, particulars of which had not been learned at the time of wiring.

Mrs. John J. Redpath, of Sherbrooke street, a widow lady, and her son 25, were found dying in their house in Mrs. Redpath’s room late in the night, from bullet wounds in the heads. The son is in the hospital, unable to make a statement.

The mother died within an hour without making a statement.

Mrs. Redpath was one of she [the] leaders of Montreal society.

Later—The son of Mrs. Redpath died at the hospital shortly after midnight. The family refuse any information, and even the police only heard of the matter by accident.

Mrs. Redpath was afflicted with nervous trouble, and it is surmised her mind had become affected and she attempted to take her life, the son probably losing his life in an attempt to save her. The son was a bright fellow of 24, and had just graduated at McGill. Deceased was the widow of John Redpath, founder of the big sugar business.

Source: Unknown, "Mysterious Shooting," The Calgary Herald, June 14, 1901. Notes: PG, 4

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