Mrs. John J. Redpath, Sherbrooke Street, Found Dead and Her Son Clifford Dying, in Former’s Room—The Son Died Shortly After.

Montreal, June 13.—A mother dead and son dying, both with bullet wounds in their heads, was the terrible discovery that was made at the residence of Mrs. John J. Redpath, on Sherbrooke street, this evening. Montreal’s high society was terribly shocked by the news, as the Redpaths are leaders in Montreal society. Nothing definite is known as to how the terrible tragedy occurred. All that is known is that Mrs. Redpath is dead and that her son Clifford Redpath is dying from the effects of bullet wounds. Mrs. Redpath was a widow lady living on Sherbrooke street and the shooting occurred at dinner hour tonight. Both Mrs. Redpath and her son were found in a dying condition in the former’s room and a revolver was found in the room. Mrs. Redpath died soon afterwards and her son was removed to the hospital and is not expected to live.

Mrs. Redpath was about 45 years old and the son about 25 years. As the latter is unable to make a statement, nothing is known as to the details of the shooting.


(Later)—Clifford Redpath who with his mother was shot at the Redpath house tonight, in a mysterious manner died later at the hospital, without regaining consciousness.

Source: Unknown, "Mysterious Tragedy," The Ottawa Morning Citizen, June 14, 1901. Notes: PG, 1

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