Letter from Grace Wood Redpath to Amy and Peter Whiteford Redpath, 28 June 1901


June 28th 1901

My dearest Amy & Peter.

Your sad note dear Peter dated June 16th followed me here. I cannot thank you enough for writing, for I felt the strain and suspense too great while waiting to hear more of you. My heart aches for you all, and I am so powerless to do anything, for those I love so well. I can go to our loving Father, and tell Him all our anguish. He alone can help us in this our trial. I am so anxious about you all, my heart longs to be with you. If I came I might be a source of increased care, but I must see you. I long to have you near to me and take you to my heart. I think dear uncle would say it would be well for you to come, the best under the circumstances. All who knew your loved Clifford, loved and honor him [illegible] hope who are left behind who carry the heavy burden, but, a Great, and loving Helper, is ours. Do not — my loved Peter reproach yourself for anything you could wish you had done. You did perfectly right in going away, all who love you thought best for you to do so. Just think of the goodness of God, who brought you back, when you returned, what would your sweet Amy have done, had you not been there. We must try to dwell upon the loving kindness that surrounds us, even in the darkest hours, we shall learn the meaning of all sometime, in faith; and patience, wait – peace will come[...]

Your loving devoted aunt

Grace Redpath.

Source: Grace Wood Redpath, Letter from Grace Wood Redpath to Amy and Peter Whiteford Redpath, 28 June 1901, June 28, 1901

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