Letter from Peter Redpath to Peter Whiteford Redpath, 22 January 1892

The Manor House,
January 22, 1892

My dear Peter,

I am sorry to learn that you are not able to keep continuously at your work, but as I heard two days ago that you had been out skating your last ailment cannot have been very serious. I am not without hope that an opening may present itself for you in the Sugar House; but this will depend on the adoption of some changes which are now only under contemplation. As there is uncertainty I would not have mentioned the matter at present, but I write in order that you may not commit yourself to any thing else until this be decided which will be in a few weeks. The position may not be one of very much importance but it will be much better than the work you are now at and may lead to something better still. You may not be wanted before next autumn. Lose no opportunity of cultivating French and you will be all the better of German too. Determine to acquire fluency not only in speaking but writing both languages. I have often found myself at a loss because of my deficiency in these languages. Indeed I know nothing of German. The German people study other languages besides their own, and the result is that Germans are occupying important positions in England and other countries because of their knowledge of languages.[…]

Your affectionate uncle
Peter Redpath

Mr. P.W. Redpath

Source: McGill University, Rare Books and Special Collections Division, MS 818 c.2 Redpath Family, File 2.33, Redpath Family Corres, Peter Redpath, Peter Redpath, Letter from Peter Redpath to Peter Whiteford Redpath, 22 January 1892, January 22, 1892

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