Harold Redpath — Obituary

H. H. Redpath [sic] Is Buried

Former Montrealer Died in Victoria, B.C.

A funeral service was held in Victoria, B.C., this afternoon for Harold M. Redpath, former Montreal sportsman who was widely known in golf and football activities in this city for many years. Ill for some time, Mr. Redpath died Sunday at the age of 74. Burial was in Victoria, where he has resided since the early '20's.

Born in Montreal, Mr. Redpath was a former member of the M.A.A.A. senior football team, the Royal Montreal Golf Club, the Hunt Club and the St. James Club. He was also a member of the Sports Club of London, England, and in Victoria was associated with the Oak Bay and Colwood golf clubs. He hunted in many countries of the world, including Africa. For some years he lived in England prior to going to Victoria.

Besides his wife, Mr. Redpath is survived by his sister, Lady Roddick, of Montreal; a brother, John Reginald Redpath, of Victoria; a daughter, Mrs. Grattan D. Thompson, of Montreal; Peter H. Redpath of Stockholm, Sweden, and Hugh A. Redpath, of Victoria; six grandchildren, Michael, Shirley, and June Thompson, of Montreal, and Peter. Jr., Sue and Bruce Redpath, of Stockholm.

Source: Unknown, "Harold Redpath — Obituary," The Montreal Daily Star, December 28, 1948. Notes: PG, 18

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