In addition to the sources most commonly used, such as published documents or government documents, historians must consult other kinds of sources that are harder to classify. In this section of the archives you will find just that, documents that are diverse in both kind and content.

The first type of “other” document we have included are unpublished manuscripts. It often happens that as authors work they produce several versions of a text before one is finally published. It can also happen that for one reason or another an author decides not to publish a text. Such manuscripts are preserved in their authors’ private records and may often end up in provincial or national archives.

In the same vein, we have also included two texts presented on the radio, one by John W. Fisher, preserved in his private records in the Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia, the other by F.G.J. Comeau, preserved in the Centre Acadien at the Université Sainte-Anne.

Our website also includes two songs inspired by Jerome whose words and music are provided for your perusal. These works, like the poems, reflect the sensibility of the artists who created them, as they do the perceptions of the society in which they live.