Aurore!  The Mystery of the Martyred Child

[Letterhead of the Kingston Penitentiary]

[stamp of the KINGSTON PENITENTIARY-CENSOR No. 1 — OCT. 22, 1926]


DATE: October 20, 1926

The Honourable Minister of Justice

Dear Sir

With great regret for my offence, I come once again to ask you to be pardonned not only for myself but also for the bennefit of my children.

I have presently served six years and after having done my duty during such long years I must deserve my freedom I can do all sorts of work and I am willing to do it in addition I can support myself as well as my children, I also have my brother who is ready to receeve me

Honourable Sir

Be well assured that you will not regret my freedom I will show you that I know how to appreciate it and to thank you

From your obedient servant
Marie Anne Houde

Source: ANC, , RG 13, Box 1507, File Houde Marie-Anne, vol. 1, part. 1, Marie-Anne Houde, Lettre de Marie-Anne Houde au Ministre de la Justice, October 20, 1926, 1.

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