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Extract from a report on the officers of the court of Nouvelle-France.


List of Officers of the Court employed in the various Courts of nouvelle france

Conseil Supérieur

Aged 78 years, highly committed, assiduous at the Conseil, But not as versed in affairs as was the case in his younger years. Du Lino first Counsellor
Aged 72 years, has become incapable of fulfilling his duties due to his advanced years and His infirmities that no longer allow Him to be present at the Conseil Macart


Continuation of Counsellors at the Conseil Supérieur


Aged 30 years, valuable Subject at the Conseil, when not otherwise preoccupied with duties to the high vicar, as Superior of the Communities, and chancellor, and other ecclesiastical functions in the Diocese. Delatour clerk Counsellor
Aged 70 years with great spirit, righteous of thought and heart, but little versed in jurisprudence; his requirements as a physician not allowing him to take charge of any other affairs. Sarrasin


Continuation of the Counsellors at the Conseil Supérieur


Aged 40 years son, and grandson of a Counsellor, good judge and archdeaconfrom Lotbiniére archdeacon in the Church of Quebec
Aged 50 years; with an inclination for wine; appears that he intends to rectify himself and has indeed of late begun to reform himself; Otherwise mediocre subject. hazeur
Aged 82 years, was for a long time Provost Marshal, no longer in a State to be of service due to his advanced years. Saint Simondied on The 14 8bre [October]
Aged 60 years, son of a Counsellor, honest man little informed, Dartigny


continuation of Counsellors and officers at the Conseil Supérieur


Aged 52 years; merchant, launched many undertakings in the Colony that brought him no success, honest man little informed. Guillemin
Aged 50 years; deep knowledge of business affairs, good judge. This year must return to france, with the intent, to All appearances, of not coming back. Lanoullier>
Aged 60 years; merchant honest man and sound in decisions regarding business affairs brought before the Conseïl. Crespin


continuation of Counsellors and officers at the Conseil Superieur


Aged 42 years, lawyer at the Parlement de Paris; knows well the Coutume [de Paris] And the Ordonnance [criminelle de 1670]; good judge. Cugnet
Aged 42 years, lawyer at the Parlement, laborious and fair minded; knows well the law the ordinances and the Coutume [de Paris]; good practitioner and good judge. Le Verrier general Prosecutor
Aged 35 years good and dutiful worker. Daine chief Clerk



Jurisdiction of Montréal


Aged 65 years knowledgeable in business affairs knows well the Ordonnance [criminelle de 1670] and the Coutume [de Paris]; in his work to stop foreign trade, he made numerous enemies; accused of scandalous conduct with a woman of Montreal, widow of an officer: however the Age of Sr Raimbault together with his shortcomings and the ugliness of the Widow must not lead to assumptions. Raimbault lieutenant general
Aged 30 years, worked beneath M. Begon, will become a most valuable subject if he continues to apply himself. foucher King's prosecutor
Aged 30 years, mediocre subject, and whofulfilsneverthelessin a good way his duties Raimbault son



at Quebec The 8th October 1731

[signed]Beauharnois [signed]hoquart

Source: France. Archives nationales, Fonds des Colonies. Série C11A. Correspondance générale, Canada, vol. 120, fol. 345-349, Beauharnois, Charles de, et Gilles Hocquart, List of officers of the court of Nouvelle-France, October 8, 1731.

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